Canadian Inflatables Inc. RHIBS, RIBS, Rigid Inflatables


Canadian Inflatables Inc. is a used RIB dealer located in North Vancouver BC with an additional secure storage location in Bellingham.  We specialize in finding top quality, pre-owned inflatable yacht tenders and RIB (rigid hull inflatable boats) for clients.  Our business model is based on low margin and high quality boats.  We  have years of experience inspecting and matching quality pre-owned boats with buyers.  We offer full service.  We'll have boats cleaned, repaired and delivered to your yacht or placed on a brand new, top quality boat trailer if you plan to use a RIB as your primary boat. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll find you the best boat at the best price! We'll highlight any flaws to avoid any bad surprises for you.

Why are we an inflatable boat dealer only?

  1. Unsinkable: We only use unsinkable boats ourselves. Pacific Northwest waters are cold.  Even with the best life jackets, inflatable boats provide the buoyancy required to keep you and your family afloat where other boats will simply sink leaving you exposed to hyperthermia.

  2. Inexpensive to operate: Because of their bouyancy, you can expect up to a 50% gas saving over conventional boats.  The gas saving is the reason why RIBs are so popular in Europe where gas prices have always been an issue.

  3. Easy to tow: These boats are so light that you can tow them with any car. No need for a big truck to tow your boat!

  4. Best Yacht Tenders: Because of their low weight, they are easy to tow behind a larger yacht and easy to lift using davits.  All these boats come with lifting points.

  5. Quality tubes: We only deal with brand name, quality boats.  Cheap boats look attractive until they fall apart or end up "costing" when you resell them.  We focus on hypalon tubes and generally stay away from PVC/Strongham tubes unless the boats are in pristine condition (it's easy to find a 30 year old hypalon boat in good shape, it's much harder to find a 10 year old PVC boat that we would touch and deal with).